Salon Rules

KodaRoamers Camera Club

Salon Rules – Digital Images 

1.         Your competition number is the permanent number assigned to you by the Salon Committee. If you do not presently have a number, please contact Ed Ramos at for a number. If not available, then contact Andrea Monninger at for a temporary number. Non members may be assigned temporary numbers between 90 and 99.

2.         Each member may submit a total of up to sixteen (16) images. No more than four (4) digital images may be entered across any digital image category bearing the same letter. The categories are listed and defined on a Annual Salon page.

3.         ENTRIES: Email your images and entry form (PDFs preferred) to Andrea Monninger ( Deadline is 6:00 pm Sunday, July 23, 2023. ENTRY FORM

4.         FILL IN THE ENTRY FORM with digital images listed in the proper categories. (Both the PDF and Word forms have the entry numbers included. Be sure that your file names on the images you submit include the category, A through I, the image number, your competition number, and title.)

5.         PREPARING YOUR DIGITAL IMAGES. The width of an image should be no greater than 1400 pixels, AND the height no greater than 1050 pixels. The images must be saved as jpg files of the highest quality possible.

6.         LABELING YOUR DIGITAL IMAGES. For each digital image, its file must be properly labeled. Here is an example: G-3-19-St.LouisChihully.jpg. The G stands for category G: General. The 3 means this is the third digital image the competitor is entering in digital category G, the 19 is the competitor’s competition number, St.LouisChihully is the title, and jpg is the extension. If you save the file using a photo-processing software, when you “Save as”, there will be a drop down box in which you specify the file type as jpg so you do not need to include the jpg as part of the file name. With the introduction of Windows 7, even if you use an earlier version, leading zeros should be excluded from the image numbers and your competition number. In the title, each word should start with a capital letter and there should be no spaces between words. Also, hyphens must be used as shown in the example.

7.         After you have prepared all your digital images, make sure your entry forms are properly prepared, then email as described in 3 above. You should retain on your computer a folder with all the files you are submitting.

8.         In each category digital Images will be judged on the following basis. After the first four places have been awarded, the remaining top 30% percent of images will be awarded HM’s.

9.         Awards of first, second, third, fourth and honorable mentions in each category, and DIGITAL IMAGE OF THE SALON, will be determined by the judges.