About KodaRoamers

 Our goal:

"To promote and develop our skills in, and appreciation for the beauties around us portrayed in photography through the mutual exchange of our experience and knowledge, and through expert help made available by the club."

The Bloomington/Normal Camera Club since 1944

You do not need to be an experienced photographer to join!

Our club members are from various backgrounds with various levels of experience. Regardless of one’s level of expertise, all can learn by sharing our technical and artistic thoughts.


The KodaRoamers Photographs Club of Bloomington-Normal  was formed and organized in September 1944 by Lorena Medbery and sixteen charter members. The aim of this photography group, was “to create interest in color photography – both movies and still photography - and promote better pictures and travel after World War II.”

The group joined the Photographic Society of America (PSA) in 1944. Later, KodaRoamers joined the Central Illinois Camera Club Association in 1964. In addition to club contests, KodaRoamers mount exhibitions and hold workshops on aspects of photography and technology. In 2003, the club transitioned to the new digital format in lieu of slides. KodaRoamers transitioned to all-digital in 2012.

Meeting Times:


4th Thursday, 7:00 pm,  September thru May

Outings and Other Events;

We will have periodic outings to photograph places and events throughout the year

We will also be showing a variety of webinars throughout the year

Times may vary, check calendar for details

President Laurie Bergner

Vice President Tracy DeWeese

Treasurer Ed Ramos

Club Salon Tracy DeWeese

Judging Mabel Lux

Facebook Admin Andrea Monninger

Workshop Planning  Mabel Lux, John Vogel,  Andrea Monninger, Tracy DeWeese and Laurie Bergner

CICCA Representative Andrea Monninger

Newsletter Laurie Bergner

Website Admin Sandullah Epsicokhan

Our affiliations:

  Photographic Society of America

 KodaRoamers Camera Club is among 30 competitive photo clubs. 

Central Illinois Camera Clubs Association

 The Central Illinois Camera Clubs Association (CICCA) is made up of 12 clubs in Central Illinois, Iowa and Indiana. CICCA events include the Fall and Spring Salons in which KodaRoamers may enter up to eight digital images and eight prints which will be judged locally with the forty best images in each category being forwarded to CICCA.

Local Competitions 

KodaRoamers also participate in annual competitions with the Champaign County Camera Club and the Peoria and Quad Cities Camera Clubs in addition to various intra-club contests and the annual KodaRoamer Salon in May. Recent events included club exhibitions at the Normal Public Library, IAA Credit Union and the McLean County Art Center.

Travelogue Meetings 

We have regular travelogue meetings with speakers and presentations on the 4th Thursday, 7:00 pm, September through May at Moses Montefiore Temple, 102 Robinhood Lane, Bloomington, IL. To be added to our e-mail list contact Laurie Bergner at laurielbergner@gmail.com.


We host 2nd Thursday, 7:00 pm Sept. through May at the Moses Montefiore Temple, 102 Robinhood Ln, Bloomington, IL.

No notification necessary to attend workshops.

Group Outings

In this outing, a group was able to gain experience with nature photography.

Photo Exhibitions

Our club engages in providing and participating photo exhibitions throughout the community.

Koda Roamers Annual Salon

This is Koda Roamers annual image competition and showcase.
Members may submit digital images and prints in various categories