Competitions available to KodaRoamer members:

KodaRoamers Annual Salon

Kodaroamers annual image competition and showcase
Members may submit 16 digital images in 9 categories and 8 prints in 4 categories

         Limit 16 digital images (1400 x 1050), 4 per category
Limit 8 prints, 4 per category
File Name: Category - Image # (1-4) - Competition # - Title
ie: G-2-42-Sunset.jpg

Deadline to submit Salon digital images to Tracy DeWeese (  - July 23, 2023 6:00 pm
Judging and venue- August 5, 2023  at 1:00 pm  at the Moses Montefiore Temple (102 Robinhood Lane, Bloomington)
Salon Dinner and award presentations on Thursday, August 24, 5:30 at the David Davis Lodge at Lake Bloomington 

Intraclub Competitions 

We will have a variety of themed Intraclub Competitions during the year. Members may submit up to 4 digital images to be included in each competition

Limit 4 images, (1400 x 1050 max image size)

Any subject matter with no restrictions on manipulation

File Name: image # (with leading zero) - competition # - Title

i.e.: 02-55-Winter Snow.jpg

CICCA Spring Salon - TBA

The CICCA Spring Salon is an individual event
Members may submit a total of 10 prints and 12 digital images
There is a $4 entry fee for each format
Digital and Print entry fees must be kept separate.

Limit of max 5 prints in any category  (small, large and open)
Limit 4 digital images per category (15 max total, 1400 x 1050  max image size)
Digital naming: Category - image # - club # - competition # - title
i.e.  A-002-12-024-BeesWax.jpg

TBA: Deadline to submit prints and digital images to Andrea Monninger
TBA: CICCA Spring Salon,  

Complete rules here      Salon Guidelines here      Entry forms here

CICCA Fall Salon - TBA

The CICCA Fall Salon is a club event with each member club submitting up to 50 digital images, 50 monochrome prints and 50 color prints.
KodaRoamer members may submit up to 8 prints and 8 digital images to be included in the KodaRoamer images for the Fall Salon.
Entry fees are paid by the club

 Limit 8 prints and 8 digital  (1400 x 1050 max image size)
Digital naming: Category - image # - club # - competition # - title
i.e.  A-003-12-055-SummerFlower.jpg

TBA: Kodaroamers I-74 Deadline to submit images
TBA:  Preview of selected KR images
TBA I-74 Competition: CCCC vs Kodaroamers

 Complete rules here      Entry Form Here      Print Labels here