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2018 CICCA Fall Salon
Deadline:  All digital images must be received by Sunday, September 30, 2018
All print entries must be received by the Thursday, September 10, 2018 workshop

Print entries to:
Andrea Monninger 
1213 W Olive  Bloomington, Illinois 61701
Home phone (309) 828-1798

Digital entries to:
Vandana Bajikar   vandana.kodaroamers@yahoo.com

Entry fees are $20 for each club entering one or more divisions of the Salon competition, payable to CICCA. All entry fees are to be sent to Andrea Monninger at the above address. However, if your club is only entering the print division, then the entry fee can be included with your prints and sent to  Andrea at her address above.

Please include all needed forms. If possible, each club should make arrangements to pick up their prints at the salon. If prints are to be returned by mail, include sufficient postage with the prints.


Those members submitting entries are granting permission for a low resolution copy (1024 x 768 pixels) of their winning entries to be shared on a CD with CICCA only clubs and to be shown only in a club setting.

You may compete in the Prints division and/or Digital Images division in the following categories:

DIGITAL IMAGES:      A.  Nature
                                              B.  Photo-Realistic
                                                                                     C.  Altered Reality
                                     PRINT IMAGES:          A.  Small Monochrome prints
                                                                                                          B.  Large Monochrome prints

                                                                                                           C.  Small Color prints
                                                                                                           D.  Large Color prints
No entry previously accepted in any CICCA Fall Salon may be entered in subsequent Fall Salons.  It may be entered in a Spring Salon providing it has not been accepted in a previous Spring Salon.
In any Salon, no person may submit the same basic image in more than one division or category.  For example, a person may have made a print from a digital image showing the same basic scene as the digital image.  This image may be submitted as a print or as a digital image, but not both.  This rule applies to all divisions and all categories of the Salon.


The following is a synopsis of the Digital Images Salon guidelines. Please see the Salon Practices Guidelines for complete definitions and instructions.
A. Nature: Nature photography embraces the entire physical and natural world and thus encompasses nature in all its forms. There should be no evidence of the influence of man in a nature photograph.  Photographs depicting cultivated plants, domestic animals, and mounted museum specimens are not eligible and should not be submitted as nature photographs. Exception: scientific banding visible on wild animals will not be considered a disqualification.  In addition, images of zoo and game park animals may be entered, as long as the “hand of man” is not visible in the image.

In the Nature category only global adjustments are allowed for digital images. Global adjustments are defined as modifications that affect the whole image. Permissible global adjustments include: levels, curves, brightness, contrast, saturation, white balance, sharpening and cropping. Selective adjustments are defined as adjustments that affect only portions of the whole image and are not permitted. In addition, blending of images from different scenes or blending of two versions of the same image is not permitted in the Nature category. Selective adjustments are allowed only for eliminating spots (due to dust on the sensor).  The Nature category is the only category in which borders may NOT be placed around an image.

B. Photo-Realistic: The emphasis for this category is on aesthetics and creating a fine image with great impact while maintaining a natural quality.  The subject matter of this category is unrestricted.  Images submitted for this category can be from a single exposure or from multiple exposures blended together to create a seamless image.  Examples would be HDR, image stacking for depth of field, panoramas, etc.  However, combining two unrelated images would not be allowed (see category C).  There are no restrictions for image enhancement as long as the image maintains a natural looking appearance.  Borders and vignettes are allowed.

C. Altered Reality: The emphasis for this category is on creativity and creating a fine image without any restrictions on manipulating the original image or images. Therefore, in addition to the image editing techniques permitted in the other categories, techniques to create painterly, surreal or other special effects are permitted. This category is not restricted to just highly manipulated images. Any creative image may be entered. In addition, multiple images may be used and blended into one image. The only requirement is that the source image or images must have been captured with a film or digital camera by the image maker. Finally, non-photographic elements may be added to images in this category as long as they were created by the image maker (such elements may include the placement of borders around the image).

Special Note:  B&W images may be entered in any of the above categories, provided that the B&W image meets all other requirements of the category.  Infrared images may be entered only in the Altered Reality category. Images with borders may be entered in any of the categories except Nature.

Other Requirements and Limitations:  Each member club may submit a maximum of fifty (50) images which may be any combination of the three digital images categories. No individual member, regardless of the number of clubs of which he or she is a member, may submit more than eight (8) digital images in the CICCA Fall Salon.

Competitors must use the entry forms or photocopies thereof that are distributed by the CICCA Secretary.  For the Fall Salons, entrants should provide their digital images and individually prepared entry forms to their club’s Salon entry form Facilitator, who should then complete a master Excel entry form.

Each digital image submitted must be labeled according to the requirements noted below. Each club shall submit its digital image entries on a CD, or e-mail - all images, along with the Excel entry form and should be sent to meet the deadline set for receipt of those materials.

The jpeg format must be used with dimensions not to exceed 1400 x 1050 pixels.  Specifically, images should be no larger than 1400 pixels horizontally or 1050 pixels vertically.  One of these dimensions should be met, but neither exceeded.  There is no restriction on file size, just on the pixel dimensions as noted here.  In addition, it is highly recommended digital images be entered using the sRGB color space.  This is because the digital image projectors have been set up using the sRGB color space and entries submitted using a different color space (such as AdobeRGB) will most likely contain an odd color cast or other color distortions.
Digital images will be named using the same general format, as follows: W-001-12-026, where:
W denotes the category:  A for Nature, B for Photo-Realistic and C for Altered Reality.
001 denotes the image number and must consist of three digits.  This number may range from 001 through 050 for a Fall Salon, depending on how many images a club submits.
12 denotes the club number and will be a two digit number (KodaRoamers is 12).
026 denotes the maker’s competition number within his/her club and will be a three digit number (e.g., 042 if your competition number within your club is 42).
The following is a synopsis of the Print Salon guidelines. Please see the Salon Practices Guidelines for complete definitions and instructions.
                                CATEGORIES:   A:  SMALL MONOCHROME      C:  SMALL COLOR 

                                                                    B:  LARGE MONOCHROME      D:  LARGE COLOR

Monochrome Prints:   A monochrome print is defined as a print in one color or different shades of one color; a single-tone print.  This category includes black and white prints.
Color Prints:  A color print is one made either by a regular color photography process, including printing on an ink-jet printer, or by hand coloring or tinting. 
Small prints:  May be any size up to but not larger than 8 x 12 inches in either dimension, and must be mounted on an 11 x 14 inch mount board.

Large prints:  May be any size larger than 8 x 12 inches, but not larger than 16 x 20 inches, and must be mounted on 16 x 20 inch mount board.

Each member club may submit a maximum of 50 prints in the monochrome category and 50 prints in the color category.  In each category, these 50 prints can be in any combination of small and large prints.  No individual member, regardless of the number of clubs of which he or she is a member, may submit more than eight (8) prints to the CICCA Fall Salon.

In all print categories, any entered print must be solely the work of the club member whose name appears on the back of the print mount and on the entry form, except that prints may be printed by the member or commercially.

The maker's name may NOT appear on the front of the print or mount. Each print entered must be identified with an official CICCA print label attached to the back of the mounting board in the top right corner. Your club's facilitator will provide the official labels or they may be printed off the CICCA web site.

Competitors must use the entry forms, or photocopies thereof, that are distributed by the CICCA Secretary.  It is recommended one master entry form be submitted by either the CICCA Rep or Salon Facilitator from each club using the electronic Excel entry form provided.  Entrants should provide their prints to their club’s CICCA Rep or Salon entry form Facilitator, who should then complete the master Excel entry form.