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JUDGING, May 4, 2019; DINNER, May 28, 2019



WHO MAY PARTICIPATE:  Any member of any Bloomington/Normal camera club may enter prints and digital images in the Salon, provided any non-member of KodaRoamers has a dinner reservation for the Salon dinner.  Any entrant not present at the dinner must notify the Salon Committee in advance and make arrangements for someone to pick up their prints at the Salon’s conclusion.


ELIGIBILITY:  Each image must have been initially exposed by the person entering it.  If a digital image, or print previously won an award (including Honorable Mention) in a KodaRoamers Salon, the image is not eligible for entry in this Salon.  Note that this Salon has two divisions:  Prints and Digital Images.


If a contestant has a series of separate images that so closely resemble each other that the Salon committee and judges cannot tell them apart, and one of them has won an award, then the images run the risk of being judged duplicates or previous winners if applicable.


JUDGING:  Prints and digital images will be judged Saturday, April 7 at the Normal Public Library, Community Room A.

The judging will begin at 9:00AM and continue into the afternoon. 


NO DUPLICATION OF IMAGES:  In a given Salon, the same image cannot be entered in more than one of the two divisions:  Prints or Digital Images.  In the past, many members have entered the same image in the same Salon as both a digital and a print.  This practice is no longer permitted.  NEW: An image entered in a salon as a digital may be entered in a later salon (such as next year) as a print.  The opposite is true (print one year can be entered the following year as a digital entry).  The purpose of this rule change is to encourage print competition


RELEASE:  By entering this Salon, a participant agrees that prints and digital images entered in the Annual Salon may be duplicated, used to make prints, and published by the direction of the KodaRoamers Camera Club.


Prints will be returned to their Makers at the end of the Salon dinner meeting.  If you cannot be present to receive your materials, please make arrangements either with another member to pick up your materials, or with the Committee.



DIGITAL CATEGORIES:  Digital images may be submitted in any of the categories shown below.  Should an image be entered in an inappropriate category in the Salon, the committee reserves the right to reclassify it. 


A.   NATURE--Nature photography is restricted to the presentation of natural phenomena, including anything related to botany, zoology, geology, physics, chemistry, paleontology, meteorology, fossils, etc.  Human elements, if present, should be unobtrusive.  Artificially produced hybrid plants,  domesticated or zoo animals, pets, livestock, etc. may not be used.  Still life studies, obviously set floral arrangements, mounted specimens, museum habitats or groups are ineligible.

      Macro or micro photographs are acceptable.


B.   LANDSCAPES AND SEASCAPES--Natural objects should provide the major points of interest.  Man-made objects, such as architecture, should play only a minor role and should not provide the major point of interest.


C.   SCENERY - This category should show the interaction between man and nature, where both natural and man-made objects share interest. 


D.    ARCHITECTURE--The picture should depict buildings or parts of buildings, bridges, or other man-made structures.


E.   PHOTOJOURNALISM--The picture should tell a story.


F.   PEOPLE--A person or persons pictured in ways that show something about the character of the subject or its relationship to self, environment, occupation, or other people. This could be a portrait with the face or a half or full figure as the focal point.  Studio portraits are not allowed.


G.   GENERAL--May include subjects from all previous categories It may also include pictures not acceptable in other categories such as studio portraits, still life studies, hybrid plants, mounted specimens, studio setups, etc.


H.   ANIMALS--Any photo of an animal.  This can be a house pet, domesticated animal, zoo animal, just so long as the animal or animals are the main attraction in the image.


I.   CREATIVE OR CONTEMPORARY--This would include images that are more heavily manipulated in a file editing program and tend to show altered reality, or images that have a strong contemporary feeling to them.



        A.  SMALL COLOR--8" X 12"  or smaller.

        B.   LARGE COLOR--Larger than 8" x 12" in either dimension.

        C.  MONOCHROME--includes both large and small prints.


Use the attached Excel files as entry forms (available at the bottom of this page) The excel files have tabs at the bottom of the page for each category. Click on that tab and enter your information on that page. Save your completed forms by appending your name or competition number to each file.  (i.e., 2016 KR Salon Print Entries MikeLux.xls).

NOTE: An Excel file is no longer needed for digital entries, although one is attached below for your use.


2020 Salon Rules – Digital Images


1.   Your competition number is the permanent number assigned to you by the Salon Committee.  If you do not presently have a number, please contact Meng Horng at mengymc@gmail.com for a number. 

2.   Each member may submit a total of up to sixteen (16) images.  No more than four (4) digital images may be entered across any digital image category bearing the same letter.  The categories are listed and defined on a previous page.


3.   ENTRIES:  Email your images to Ray Silva @ silvaimagephotographygmail.com  Deadline is 6:00pm April 28, 2019. All entries will be confirmed by return email. If you do not receive a confirmation by 6:00 pm May 1 please email or call Ray Silva @ silvaimagephotographygmail.com phone 912-515-802.


4.   (OPTIONAL) Fill in the entry form (Excel file attached below) with digital images listed in the proper categories. Use the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to fill in the appropriate category.


5.   PREPARING YOUR DIGITAL IMAGES.  The width of an image should be no greater than 1400 pixels by, AND the height no greater than 1050 pixels.  The images must be saved as jpg files of the highest quality possible.


6.  LABELING YOUR DIGITAL IMAGES.  For each digital image, its file must be properly labeled.  Be sure that your file name on the images you submit include the category, A through I, the image number, your two digit competition number, and title. Here is an example:  G-3-09-St.LouisChihully.jpg.  The G stands for category G:  General.  The 3 means this is the third digital image the competitor is entering in digital category G, the 09 is the competitor’s two digit competition number, St.LouisChihully is the title, and jpg is the extension.  In the title, each word should start with a capital letter and there should be no spaces between words. Also, hyphens must be used as shown in the example.


7.  After you have prepared all your digital images, email as described in 3 above.  You should retain on your computer a folder with a copy of all the files you are submitting.


8.   Awards of first, second, third, fourth and honorable mentions will be given in each category. DIGITAL IMAGE OF SHOW will be determined by the judges from the first place images in each category. After the first four places have been awarded, the remaining top 30% of images will be awarded HM's.

The Digital Image of Show will compete against the Print of Show for Best of Show.



2020 Salon Rules - Prints


PRINTS:   There is a limit of eight (8) total prints per member with no more than four (4) prints per category.   Categories are based on the size of prints.  A print is small if it is 8x12 or smaller.  It is large if it exceeds 8x12 in any dimension, but may not exceed 16 x 20.  There are three categories:   A. Small Color.  B.  Large Color.  C. Black and White or Monochrome. The black and white or monochrome category includes both large and small prints.  Please note that digitally taken and/or manipulated prints are acceptable in any of these three categories.  Our definition of size of print is the same as the CICCA definition so members wishing to enter a print in a CICCA Salon will not have to remount their prints.  There are no time limits on when the original image was made.


MOUNTING PRINTS:  Small prints should be mounted on 11 x 14 boards.  Large prints should be mounted on 16 x 20 boards. 

AWARDS:   First, Second, Third, Fourth and Honorable Mention awards will be given in each category for prints.  After the first four places have been awarded, the remaining top 30% of the prints will be awarded HM's.  PRINT OF SHOW will be determined by the judges from the first place prints in each category.

The DIGITAL IMAGE OF SHOW will compete against the PRINT OF SHOW for BEST OF SHOW. 

PRINTS LABELS: Use print labels (attached below) to provide the following: maker’s name, competition #, category letter, and the title of the print. Label should be securely affixed to the upper right hand corner on back of print. NOTE: The maker's name must not appear anywhere on the front of the print or mount board or mat, if the print is mounted or matted.  Leave the print # blank.


Prints and a printed copy of the Excel entry form (attached below) need to be turned in to Vandana by April 28, 2019An electronic copy of the Print entry form should be sent to . The prints should be retrieved following the Salon or no later than the May 23rd dinner meeting.


Important: In order for your print to be shown at the Salon dinner and to facilitate judging, send a reduced digital image (1400 x 1050) from which the print was made to Ray Silva @ silvaimagephotographygmail.com  If you do not have a digital copy, please contact Ray Silva.


 To download files below click on file name or download arrow to the right.

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Kodaroamers Admin,
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